~Black Friday~

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~Sterling Silver Midi Rings~

It’s that time of year again!  When we hobble out of our doors, regretting the second helping of dressing, and third helping of pie the day before.  Waking up before dawn, sipping gingerly on our lattes telling ourselves we will never eat again.  And all for the sake of a good sale.

Yes…it’s Black Friday.

Well, this is the first year I’ve decided to run a sale keeping in this uncomfortable tradition.  It will run today and Saturday only, and will include absolutely every single thing on the website.  www.lovenyla.com

And the best thing about this sale is: You never have to get any further than right where you already are.

~Halle Ring~

Halle Ring

~Habiba Earrings~

Habiba Earrings


 Sita Headpiece

I love designing jewelry.  I love making jewelry.  But I especially love showing my jewelry.

Going to art shows and other events gives me the opportunity to introduce myself and showcase my hard work in a way that I don’t normally have.  When your primary source of sales are online you don’t often have the chance to meet your customers, and it is so exciting to put a face and a name with a piece of your art.  It is so flattering to actually get to shake the person’s hand who falls in love with that choker you agonized over for days, or that charm bracelet that haunted your dreams for so long.  I love seeing a husband carefully select one of my favorite pieces and watch with excitement as I gift wrap it for his wife.

This Thursday I will have a booth at another event in Hollywood.  It will be absolutely fabulous with free wine and spirits tasting, food sampling, and fine jewelry by none other than LoveNyla.  I have pre-purchased a few tickets for my Facebook and WordPress followers, so if anyone is interested in attending, and if you live in the Los Angeles area, contact me.  I would love to have you attend!

For more information about the INDULGE: A Soiree for the Senses event go to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Indulge2013

 Indulge Event Flyer

~Fall Has Fallen!~

‘Tis Fall!  Finally!

For those who have read my blog previously, or been subjected to my whiny comments recently about the ridiculously summer-like weather in SoCal, fear not!  Fall has fallen!  (And apparently so has my Old English accent)

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to wear my duster and Uggs.  To actually look forward to curling up under the duvet at night, and to wrap my little ones in their sweaters in the morning on our way out to school.

But most importantly I am over the moon about our new holiday line of jewelry!  Elk heads, lions, Magellan style globes, pearls, turquoise, and barbed wire make up the weirdest, most intriguing mish-mash of beautiful jewelry that I am just bursting at the seams to get out to people!

But for now, I will show you this.  A nice little collage from this past weekend’s Holiday Sneak Peek Trunk Show that I hosted in Playa del Rey, California.  We had delicious nibbles, great music, and of course….beautiful jewelry.  It was a ton of fun (as you can tell by the second picture of my lovely assistant passed out on the table from an overdose of chocolate ganache and Lorde)




Trunk Show Collage

Tala Asleep on Table

~It’s In The Game~

For all of those ladies who either love a man who loves video games, or love video games themselves…we are sure you’ll recognize this voice.

And don’t forget to “get in the game” yourself by checking our our new Gridiron Glam collection on our website http://www.lovenyla.com. We’ll be adding more teams today to the collection so you can represent your favorite NFL team and players in style this season!

Gridiron Glam Football Helmet

Sterling Silver Football Helmet Charm $18 

Available at www.lovenyla.com